The Bloodian Chronicles is an indie video game under development.

This game is inspired by Captain Blood sci fi video game released in 1988 but is not an official sequel.

The game will mainly be available on Windows, Android and IOS plateforms.

This is a non-commercial game
and it will be totally free.


The Bloodian Chronicles is a daring mix inspired by Captain Blood and the point’n click video games of the 90s.

Immerse yourself in a world where everything is strange with a touch of humour and many hidden references to retro gaming.

The Bloodian Chronicles will be divided into 2 distinct episodes of a dozen chapters each.


First of all let me introduce myself, Eviral, developer in Montpellier, France.

I propose to keep you regularly informed of the game’s progress on my blog. I will try to tell you behind the scenes of its realization.

I’ll share tutorials to help you get started in the creation of a video game.

Download the beta

The Bloodian Chronicles beta2
containing the first 4 chapters of the game is available.
Try it now !

Official video trailer


strange universe

A young girl awakens after thousands of quantum years of cryonics… Her name is Loon…
She’s lost her memory…
She’s aboard a mysterious mecha-biological spaceship : the Ark.

The legend of the 3 bloodians

They were three brothers who came from planet Earth on their ark.
These 3 explorers, sucked into a wormhole, discovered the Aquarii, a huge universe parallel to ours.
They were welcomed as messiahs by the aliens they encountered.

They were called the “3 bloodians”, that is to say the 3 strangers.

The dark destiny of the 3 bloodians

The oldest,

ended up rejected by everyone and sank into madness.

The second one,

amassed a colossal fortune and, tyrannical, had a planet built to his glory.

The last one, 

started a terrible war
that ravaged the Aquarii.

Myth or reality, it is said that their bodies would rest
in a mausoleum somewhere in the dead galaxy.

Loon, who are you ? What is a your secret ?

…your destiny seems to be tied to that of the 3 bloodians…

The Aquarii,
a new world to explore

The Aquarii is a huge liquid universe made up of 12 galaxies.
Each galaxy has thousands of planets, some inhabited, some not…

Sinopods are Aquarian telluric fragments that allow you to travel from planet to planet to meet alien peoples. Their XYZ coordinates indicate the location of a planet in the galaxy represented at the center of the sinopod.

More than a dozen alien species to discover
and a rich and captivating storyline

Nehah, the bio-consciousness of the Ark, the people of the great Ulikans scholars, the Wizdohs, a spiritual people who worship the god Maasboth, the Nexts, an idealistic people, led by the Great Eye, the dark D-Seed mercenaries…

Beta testers testimonials

Nothing will probably ever match the Captain Blood original game,
but here is what the beta testers of The Bloodian Chronicles think

Return of
the Kingpak

This new chapter in the Captain Blood saga perfectly updates all these facets of the original game – the mystery, the weirdness, the sexiness and the frustrating but rewarding challenges.

This game is an amazing achievement and testament to the enduring allure of the original, and the author’s dedication to the cause of unique and inventive gameplay.


Oxford, UK

Great, exciting, I love it !

Actually, the most promising game i played for many years. Atmosphere, dialog system and characters are awesome !

A small remark, sometimes there is no indication where to click, and it can be found only by pixelhunting.


Almaty, Kazakhstan

It is simply

I really, really want to play the game
completely finished.

After having played the first four chapters of the new Bloodian Chronicles I can’t wait to see the rest of the game.

Bravo Eviral !


California, USA


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